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"Took care of our cat for 3 days when I asked in such a short time! She did a splendid job taking care of our wounded cat. It was really nice how she could help out even during New Year's Day - something very convenient! We don't know what would've happened if she declined us. It was a very last minute decision, and on top of that just a day before we had to leave for the holiday our cat wounded herself. I'm so grateful for her excellent work, and the initiative she had definitely blew my mind. Would totally recommend her to anyone who's looking for someone to take care of their pets!"

Sarah Jeanette Tarial, Ubud Bali

Sri Utami, Ubud Bali

"Over the years, I've been using many different pet boarding facilities in Bali to look after my dog while I am away, and each time I picked my dog up, he always looked distraught, depressed and often full of ticks. That situation changed when I used Pet Sitter Bali service. Tina is genuinely an animal lover and passionate about animal well-being. What I love the most about her service is that the dogs can roam around freely in her house all day, play with other dogs, get a walk in the rice fields twice a day, and eat healthy home cooking meals and occasional fresh bone as a treat. My dog loved his time at Pet Sitter Bali, that he looked sad when he arrived home. It's nice to finally find a place where my dog can be safe yet has lots of fun at the same time. For a peace of mind while you're away from home, I highly recommend Pet Sitter Bali for your beloved pets."

We put our dog, Teja, for 15 days, a long time away from us. We felt a bit nervous....but then with Tina, everything feels so much easier and you can enjoy your time, both for you and your furry friend. Its services very handy and trustworthy. You will get update everyday, rarely happened when you put your furry friend in any other dog house. Thanks Tina for being such a wonderful sitter and friend!!! Love from us and Teja!!

woof woof woof

Nona Maniez, Ubud Bali

My 3 Cats love her! Reliable, trustworthy, very tidy and available on short notice! Love to spoil your furr kids with hugs & kissess when you not there to do it! 

Spends time with them so they dont feel left behind. I also trust her to know what to do in an emergency which is very important for me. She keeps me updated with photos or small clips so I know how they doing. I am sure she will also do a dog or cat video call if one-on-one time is needed  😉 😁have used her many times and my cats wants her to come more often  😜 😉

Louise Coetzee, Ubud Bali

Pet Sitter Bali is amazing, reliable and trustworthy. Very informative too with all the meds and vaccines that your furry baby might needs. My cats loves her - highly recommended.

Tiger Jasmine, Ubud Bali

Cecil Blumenbar, Ubud Bali

Had a very good experience with Pet Sitter Bali. When I came home, everything was clean, cats well fed & happy, and I could enjoy my days away since she kept me informed during my absence, by sending a pic & a short note how the cats are. Will definitely book her again!

Pet Sitter Bali is amazing and very reliable to take good care of my Kinta!!

Veronica, The Spring School Ubud Bali